About Wellspring

Wellspring offers a Waldorf curriculum in its three-, four- and five-day programs. This cohesive and creative curriculum, developed by Rudolf Steiner in 1919 and refined over the past eight decades, keeps the wonder and imagination of childhood alive while gradually drawing the child into the adult world.

A Waldorf education encourages the child to develop head, heart and hands simultaneously, and to understand at the deepest level his or her place in the worlds of nature and humanity. Waldorf education allows children to unfold as individuals as they move towards adult life; creating independence in thinking and doing.

Two homeschooling mothers who were interested in Waldorf education started Wellspring in 1988. The school began as a Waldorf-based preschool, functioning out of a one-room building.

Since that time, Wellspring has grown steadily and is now a member of the Association of Waldorf Schools in North America as a developing school. Wellspring serves over 90 children from Morning Garden, Early Childhood and Grades One through Eight, in our new campus in Tunbridge, Vermont.

Wellspring has always been a school where parents are actively involved in their children’s education. It is a vibrant community that is dedicated to the education of the whole child.


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