Live Auction items (thus far)

Here is the listing of Live Auction items thus far. More may be added so stay tuned.

1.  “Wonder-No-Dry”

A wall-mounted pine wood dishrack. Size: 36″x36″x12″ Designed to dry your dishes after hand washing. Made by Wellspring dad, Nate Kokernot.

2. Hand Hooked Wool Rug

2’2″x8′  Old fashioned runner sled on pale blue/gray background with red border. Donated by Farmway.

3. Load of Stapak

22 tons of stapak with an hour of round-trip trucking from the quarry in Braford to the delivery site. If it takes longer than an hour, the bearer of the certificate would be charged at the rate of $75.00 per hour of trucking. Donated by Martin’s Quarry in Bradford, VT and Jason and Kelly Fornwalt of Fornwalt Excavating.

4. Hand Forged Metal Grill

To be used over a campfire with hooks to hang a dutch oven. Made by Wellspring grandfather, Ben Tilden.

5. “Village View from Tunbridge Schoolhouse”

Framed print of the work created by Sabra Field for Wellspring!

6. Two Picnic Tables

Standard size, handmade by Wellspring father and son–Dave and Jack Sweet.

7. Hawk’s Nest

Two night stay at this unique lodge in the Western Mountains

8. The Vershire Riding School

Early bird week–June 19th-25th.

9. 2012 Organic Vegetable CSA

At the Wellspring Palthey family’s Tunbridge Hill farm.

10. Perennial Garden Landscape Design & Installation

This would include a site-visit and meeting with owner, a to-scale drawing of the proposed installation, perennial plants, delivery, and installation with Wellspring parent, Laurie Demrow. For a perennial bed approx. size: 10′ to 15′ square feet. Within 50 miles of Topsham, VT.




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